**********Job Description:

• Efficient & effective sourcing NPR local and imported goods meeting the company requirements

o Implement the sourcing strategy/plans for NPR items to achieve deliverables in consultation with Purchasing Manager.

o Contribute to CBGM by delivery the saving as budget through alternative sources/innovation

o Timely escalation/sponsor relevant issues to the Purchasing Manager to solicit directions/decisions from the relevant functions.

o Work close with requestors to make sure they are updated the information about their project accordingly.

o Ensure NPR PO follow as NPR process, timeline.

• Monitor supplier performance including service improvement and quality control

o Align the KPIs, monitor and track suppliers performance including:

1) Delivery service

2) Quality control

o Develop the improvement project with vendor towards the relevant functions.

o Support the new product launch to meet launching target agreements.

• Lead and facilitate the implementation of HSE&S improvement plans

o Lead the Code of Conduct program for NPR suppliers.

o Make sure NPR jobs are enough documentations and contracts on hand.

o Follow up & take actions required to deliver HSE&S challenges.

**********Requirements for Job:

- University graduated

- 2-3 years’ experience on procurement

- SAP/SRM system 

- MS office 


-Salary: 9 - 10 mil

-Reward, 13th month salary 

-Insurance regime prescribed

-Annual leave

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